Trade & Labor

For over half of his lifetime, Mark Pocan has been a union print shop owner and a proud union member.  Whether it’s supporting the rights of workers or fighting to keep American jobs here at home, Pocan has always supported pro-labor initiatives.  Nearly 30 labor unions and the AFL-CIO have already endorsed Mark because of his strong support for collective bargaining rights.  If elected, Mark will continue to fight for American workers and shield Wisconsin manufacturers from unfair foreign trade practices.


Mark’s Accomplishments:

  • Authored the American Jobs Act, mandating that State tax revenue cannot be spent for services overseas
  • Authored the bill to restore collective bargaining rights after Scott Walker’s attack on workers’ rights
  • Secured SEIU’s legal ability to organize home health care workers
  • Provided collective bargaining rights to UW employees
  • Co-sponsored legislation that passed requiring K12 curriculum on labor rights movement
  • Co-sponsored minimum wage increase legislation
  • Secured $1.63 million in grants for Green Job and Infrastructure Training & Retraining for 6 labor unions

Mark’s To-Do List:

  • Oppose trade deals that rob jobs from the U.S. and harm the environment, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Support measures similar to Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s China Hurts Economic Advancement Through Subsidies (CHEATS) Act to shield Wisconsin manufacturers from unfair trade practices by countries like China and Vietnam
  • Always stand up for workers’ rights in both the public and private sectors
  • Pass the Bring Jobs Home Act, which combats outsourcing of American jobs and other trade practices that hurt American workers
  • Support the Department of Labor’s strong enforcement of pro-worker labor laws and regulations
  • Demand accountability from businesses that break the law and exploit undocumented workers