Protecting Our Seniors

Mark Pocan has always supported our Seniors. He co-sponsored the first efforts to provide prescription drug assistance to seniors and voted to create SeniorCare.  He remains committed to protecting and honoring people who have earned the right to lead a dignified life, through their lifetime of paying into social security – and building our society as we know it today.

Mark’s Accomplishments:

  • Co-sponsor of legislation that was the framework for SeniorCare, and voted to create the program
  • Stood up to Scott Walker when he planned to eliminate SeniorCare, as part of an effort to collect 14,000 signatures and enable the program to continue
  • Restored funding to Alzheimer’s caregivers support program that would have left patients without care
  • Created the Quality Home Care commission to protect home care professionals

Mark’s To-Do List:

  • Staunchly support continued expansion of Medicare
  • Enact legislation that would allow Medicare to bargain with drug companies to reduce prescription drug costs for our seniors
  • Ensure the Social Security Trust Fund remains solvent by lifting the cap on earnings subject to social security contributions
  • Increase benefits and cost-of-living-adjustments
  • Lobby for federal enforcement of voting rights laws and challenge state voter-ID laws